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Short also will be ordered to pay restitution to the man he punched. The amount will be determined at an Oct. 21 hearing.
Short’s rep confirmed in a statement that he was arrested by bounty hunters and booked for a citizen’s arrest.
Columbus Short threatened to kill Jamie Foxx ... according to a woman Short got pregnant. Read more on TMZ
Columbus Short just got a new set of cuffs .... he was arrested and taken into custody in a Van Nuys courtroom. Read more
If only Olivia Pope could really handle this situation. Short found out in April that he would not be returning to the show
Former "Scandal" star Columbus Short ran into some trouble on his Fourth of July holiday. The actor was arrested Friday for
Things aren't getting any easier for Columbus Short. The fired Scandal star has been ordered to pay spousal and child support
“The star of one of the hottest dramas in the country, chokes the f*ck out of his wife? That doesn’t ever happen. I don’t
Columbus Short is leaving "Scandal" after three years on the ABC series. "I have enjoyed every single minute of it. Everything
His wife, actress Tanee McCall, filed a restraining order against him after he allegedly threatened to kill her. She also filed for divorce.
TMZ reports McCall filed a restraining order against Short after an incident on April 7 during which he allegedly held a
Police are investigating a bar fight, reportedly involving "Scandal" star Columbus Short, that left one man hospitalized
What makes Scandal such a sizzling show is that you root for every single character, good or bad. There is some underlying characteristic or quality that have you invested and wishing whatever circumstance they find themselves on will dissolve.
"Scandal" will soon be fixing our Thursday nights again when it returns for Season 3 (October 3 can't get here fast enough
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Her producing partner, Betsy Beers, agreed, but teased that there are still unresolved issues: "But we do leave just enough