Nicholas Kristof, opinion columnist at The New York Times, wrote that the pornographic website shows videos of rape and underage sex.
"He can’t figure out how to spell 'coronavirus,' much less how to fight it," wrote Max Boot in The Washington Post.
"This is not normal. This is truly a mayday moment for our democracy," warned Washington Post pundit Max Boot.
Max Boot bashed Trump's impeachment trial defense team in a new Washington Post column. They've "played a bad hand badly," he wrote.
E. Jean Carroll has revealed new details about the alleged sexual assault in an interview with CNN.
The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin said Trump uses language "that dense people think is smart and ignorant people imagine sounds erudite."
Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin described Trump's address as "shapeless and flabby."
Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin said the days of Trump "snookering most of the people most of the time are over."
Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin also explained how the declaration of a national emergency to pay for the border wall could end in Trump’s humiliation.