comedians in cars getting coffee

The new "Queer Eye" season may be the best yet.
Jerry Seinfeld reviews restaurants from "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" and they're as droll as he is.
The comedian suggested that the spinoff cast someone else as a Roseanne replacement.
Jerry Seinfeld says "I want to watch all the shows but I won't" when we asked him what shows he's currently binge watching.
Garry Shandling, when he was on Seinfeld's show was a delightful and for me a seductive human being. He could pull you in because of his irreverence, his humor (duh!), his interjecting of the philosophical and sane in the midst of tired assumptions.
How long before airlines start charging us for ice in our drinks? Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's initial Sherlock
Yes, that's the commander-in-chief driving in circles around his front lawn.
This is comedy satire at its best and it works because show creator Victor Fresco has the ability to make the absurd sound perfectly reasonable.
We know there's a content deluge on the web. Every vendor and brand and Tom, Dick and Harry are looking for attention. But can we all agree that too much junk is being published as "content." Let's stop the madness.
On Monday, Seinfeld shared an Aug. 19 text message with his "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" Facebook followers to show
When asked what kind of person makes the best guest, Seinfeld said, "It doesn't matter, as long as I can engage with the
When Jerry Seinfeld was shopping around "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" as an online miniseries, he says he was told by digital experts that there's no way audiences would go for it if episodes were more than five minutes each.
In the latest installment of Buzzfeed Brews, Buzzfeed Business editor Peter Lauria sat down with Jerry Seinfeld for a conversation
It's no secret that tapping into your funny bone can help you in your career and personal relationships. I like reminding others of how having fun in life leads to more success and confidence -- here are some lessons I learned from my first improv comedy class so that you can do just that!
The AMC Pacer is the George Costanza of cars if we’re to believe the Super Bowl special of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
During the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night, Seinfeld (as Jerry), Jason Alexander (as George) and Wayne Knight (as
9. She does not understand why some people think her pal Amy Poehler is generous and Fey is not. She read an article about