Comedy Bang! Bang!

The scariest villain this Halloween is a "haunted" firearm that kills ... people.
Season 4 of "Comedy Bang! Bang!" premieres Friday, Jan. 9, at 11:00 p.m. ET on IFC. Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts are getting
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"I'm not dumb," is exactly something a dumb person would say. On Friday night, distinguished nerd representative Chris Hardwick
Amy Poehler is probably already one of your favorite actors, writers and directors -- but after today, you may be adding
KG and Jaybles have done it again. Festival Supreme has now blossomed into the Coachella of comedy, drawing the best and brightest of today's stand ups and musical acts and has now become the place for legends to reunite.
Are men funny? Watch Lizzy turn the tables on the people jerks who still have a problem with female comedians in the clip
Fred Armisen is such a good guitar teacher that you'll learn chords you never even knew existed. This is going to be intense
Here's some breaking news you'll love: Apparently, if you're binge watching TV shows, you're not alone. According to a survey
Aukerman has built an empire: Earwolf Media produces not only some of the most popular podcasts with celebrity hosts (Including flagship Comedy Bang Bang, which Aukerman hosts once a week), but also Comedy Bang Bang the TV show.