comedy gossip

Reddy, our driver, had just turned south toward our Lincoln Park destination when I heard the soothing sounds of a stringed
The two women strolled down the plane's aisle fully "babied up," my catchphrase for anyone traveling by air with an infant.
...because they want to undo then resave.
In the basement laid a plethora of trendy food prep devices, now gathering dust. Some we purchased ourselves, others were gifts. All had two common denominators: An electrical plug and a history of disappointment.
When asked how things were left with the Prime Minister after the night in question the Pig told us: "Me and big D stayed friends for a while, but we just drifted apart. It's sad, but, well, I guess it happens."
I sat on the couch as my daughter nervously glanced at a single sheet of notebook paper while struggling to maintain eye contact with me. A tiny bead of sweat danced across her brow, refusing to disappear.