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Our biggest celebrity was the perfectly-coiffed, appropriately sleazy Larry from Three's Company. I didn't know the real
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I guess my biggest takeaway from two decades in The Business is similar to my takeaway from life: I assume things will work
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Comedian Jay Pharoah impersonates some of your favorite celebrities on HuffPost Live.
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After a brief 25-year weekend in LA, where I either staffed, ran or co-created shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I finally escaped Hollywood, back to native New York with one clear purpose: to rediscover my soul which I had long ago sold to Satan.
Whatever or whoever you are, there's one very enjoyable step you can take, right now -- or at least, fairly soon -- to make yourself a better writer: Take a course in humor writing.
I recently sat down with Lennon and Jessica on the eve of their two episode season finale to discuss what is different about how they write Playing House.
"Comedy was a shield from that. I learned at a very early age that when my dad was about to go on a rampage, if I made him laugh, he kind of left me alone."