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The photo, taken by the probe's OSIRIS camera, is being called the highest-resolution image yet taken of Comet 67P. OSIRIS
The 96-mile-wide crater that NASA's Curiosity rover has been exploring probably once held a vast lake.
In a remarkable development, scientists have received a message from deep space in which aliens want to know how and where they can get the bowling shirt of hot, scantily-clad women worn by Rosetta physicist Matt Taylor.
This week brought reports that President Obama will soon take executive action to prevent the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. The news sparked howls of protests from Republicans, with Speaker John Boehner on Thursday refusing to rule out shutting down the government in retaliation. "This is the wrong way to govern," he said. So in order to prevent the president from exercising the power of government, the right "way to govern" is, apparently, to prevent all government from working. Perhaps when Philae is done probing Comet 67P, it can land on a place even more inhospitable to humans -- the U.S. Congress -- and make sense out of that dormant, non-celestial body. Meanwhile, New York Mayor De Blasio announced that those caught with small amounts of marijuana would be given tickets instead of being arrested. It's a welcome, if belated, step -- but even better would be ending the racial disparities in drug enforcement. That's the real ticket.
Space and booze have been making a lot of news recently. Perhaps someday we'll all be throwing back space beers on Mars.
Carried aboard the orbiting Rosetta mothership, Philae floated to the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on Thursday
The agency's Rosetta spacecraft is set to place its Philae robotic lander on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
"It is challenging; it's never been done before," Taylor said. "Other [comet] missions have been flybys at high speed and
One submission even came from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to promote the contest to U.S. audiences, Scuka said. The
Comet ISON is now two days away from a close encounter with the Sun, an encounter that it very well may not survive. On Thursday ISON will sweep around the Sun, clearing its roiling surface by as little as 800,000 miles. After Thanksgiving, one of three fates will have come to pass.
2013-11-25-cometisondavid1125.jpg As astronomers who have been watching the comet know, however, the past few days -- and the next few days -- will not be the best ones to try to catch the comet.
You don't need NASA to tell you how to cook an egg. Mac and cheese? You can handle that too. But when it comes to knowing
2013-11-20-cometisondavideichler20.jpg In late November, Comet ISON moves its fastest as it flies from Virgo, through Libra and Scorpius, and then heads north into Ophiuchus.