comfort foods

We can pretty much guarantee everyone can find something here.🍴
When you think of comfort food, what comes to mind? I think of warm, hearty meals that remind me of my family; meals that appeal to me on an emotional level.
Sweet onions, salty broth, soaked bread and bubbly cheese: It's the dream team of soups.
As summer slipped away this week, the air is crisp and the leaves are falling, it's the perfect time of year to entertain at home with friends over some hearty and delicious comfort foods.
Cooler weather certainly stirs the craving for warmer foods. And isn't it funny that warmer foods conjure up steaming mashed potatoes, cheesy macaroni, and not necessarily a bowl of steamed carrots?
After a hard day, we know cheese will always be there for us.
1) "Bologna sandwiches with ketchup on white bread for lunches, meatloaf mashed in with potatoes and spinach for dinners