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   Curran told The Huffington Post that the attention has been pretty cool -- especially for his kids.  "It's been crazy
It's official, every single classic horror movie scene could have been better if Batman were there. Not because he would
Originally posted on Bookish: Comic books have made a fascinating forum for the real-life strides and setbacks of LGBT rights
To be clear, the male-dominated comic-book genre has had a fair share of misplaced notions around gender and ethnicity. But I think that the case of X-Men's Storm brings up interesting ideas as to how we can get in touch.
Superman, Batman and the Flash -- you know those super heroes right? But do you know Power Man? The Black Panther? Icon? If not, you need to rush out and watch the film White Scripts and Black Supermen, which traces the early history of black male comic book heroes.
Wonder Woman isn't the only fictional female superhero we've seen stand up for herself. An incredible PSA featuring Batgirl
These tough crime-fighting superheroes may have kicked a lot of butt back in the day, but they fell in love and got married
Guaranteed to give you either the night-terrors or the night-something-else-I'd-prefer-you-kept-to-yourselves, "The Incredibly
The New York Times magazine has an interesting story this week by Lisa Katayama on what is described as a "thriving subculture