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“I’m doing the same thing that my ancestors did. I’m just telling the stories that I care about, that I love and that are relevant to me,” Jeffrey Veregge says.
Fear and prejudice in the wake of the Paris attacks makes this Cold War-era message as timely as ever.
For the first time ever Geeks are Sexy made its way to MCM London Comic Con. You might not look as awesome as some of these
It's official, every single classic horror movie scene could have been better if Batman were there. Not because he would
Since we'll be meeting a slew of crime-fighting hunks this summer, let's break down what these comic book kings most likely feast on for overall health and fitness!
In the movie script there wasn't much humor and there weren't many great weapons or heart-felt moments. It sounds silly to say about a superhero movie, but there were parts I just didn't believe.
I really think this year was the most fun that I've had yet not attending Comic-Con. Apparently, I'm such an actual un-ironic geek that no one thought to invite me along to make the big pilgrimage with them.