Comic Sans

John Dowd, who is representing Rudy Giuliani's associates in impeachment investigations, is being eaten alive on Twitter for a very weird reason.
"Wanted to avoid using Failing Times New Roman..."
"Never Use Futura" author Douglas Thomas thinks we need to have a more positive conversation about typefaces.
Vincent Connare stands by his work: "I’m proud of Comic Sans."
Most of you would probably answer: Comic Sans. A fair guess, given the sheer amount of CS-hating that exists online. (See
“I want to rip my eyes out and then throw them at you,” said another. “When I saw this video, my first reaction was ‘HOW
Little printing choices can have a big impact on our environment AND our wallets.
“Comic Sans wasn’t designed to be the world’s ubiquitous casual typeface,” Rozynski wrote on his website. “Comic Neue aspires
If older, classier generations could be a font, they'd be Times New Roman, Ansari argues in his Netflix special "Buried Alive