Comic Sans

John Dowd, who is representing Rudy Giuliani's associates in impeachment investigations, is being eaten alive on Twitter for a very weird reason.
"Wanted to avoid using Failing Times New Roman..."
"Never Use Futura" author Douglas Thomas thinks we need to have a more positive conversation about typefaces.
Vincent Connare stands by his work: "I’m proud of Comic Sans."
Alas, you'd all be wrong. Because, thanks to a cheeky designers at Barth and Co., there is a Frankenstein font that puts
Love it or loathe it? Tell us what you think in the comments below or tweet us @HuffPostArts. “I want to rip my eyes out
Little printing choices can have a big impact on our environment AND our wallets.
“Comic Sans wasn’t designed to be the world’s ubiquitous casual typeface,” Rozynski wrote on his website. “Comic Neue aspires
If older, classier generations could be a font, they'd be Times New Roman, Ansari argues in his Netflix special "Buried Alive
"iPod killer?" Ha, OK. Long before it became a punchline, Internet Explorer was nearly everyone's web browser of choice, racking
"Comic Sans looks like someone threw up on the keyboard and that's what came out," graphic designer Dave Combs told The Huffington
If this delectable typography has whet your appetite, check out one of our favorite font-centric odes, "In Defense Of Comic
Vincent Connare created Comic Sans in 1994, and it has been many in typographer and graphic designer's nightmares since then
Bad design does irreversible harm to an infographic. It trivializes good content (for the rare visitor who chooses to wade through the ugliness and confusion instead of fleeing in horror at the sight of it) and reflects badly on you and your business.
A Redditor posted this sign that a college graphics instructor put up, informing his students the one and only situation
When it comes to fonts, there's only one that's ALWAYS associated with humor: Comic Sans! In the segment below you'll see
Note that Googling "Wingdings" or "Courier" doesn't produce the same results. Check out screenshots of the prank below, then