commencement 2016

These are the messages that grads shared at commencement ceremonies.
Adopted from a speech at the University of the District of Columbia. To President Mason, Executive Cabinet, Board of Trustees
"Do not forget how blessed we have been and that what ignites true happiness is giving back."
Vote for you when you face new opportunities, or the opportunity to create a new opportunity The word vote comes from the
You are the latest generation and you are, whether you are yet aware of it or not, charged with saving our Union.
"Asking this man to assume the highest office in the land would be like asking a newly minted car driver to fly a 747."
There will be good and bad times, but it's worth living through it all.
Our civil discourse has gone off the rails, and it's up to the Class of 2016 to help fix it.
"I am worried that the next president will bring back racism."
"The Fault in Our Stars" author got real with the class of 2016 -- but said their liberal arts education will make the dull parts of life much more interesting.