Both my husband Olof and I will turn 69 this year and for the first time, we've started talking about 'aging out' -- just being too old to do things.
In my husband Olof's and my relationship, I've always been the one who resisted change and he the one who embraced it. So I was puzzled when the big tree in our front yard died, Olof refused to let it be removed. But it was when he started using "feeling" words about the tree that I became officially alarmed.
The nightly washing ritual has a number of other downsides, not the least of which is having one's undies draped all over
I immediately considered letting this guy eat alone out on our uncovered patio in the rain where his illness might progress
Our guest not only coughed and sneezed pretty much non-stop but kept repeating, probably in response to my cringing looks
The voice on the other end of the phone couldn't have been more enthusiastic. "Hi grandma!" said a late teen-early 20-ish voice. It definitely wasn't one of my grandsons, the oldest of whom is seven.
Dear grocery store bagger guys: Could we talk? I mean, this conversation is way overdue. Here's the problem: You guys are young and strong. I am not young, and, after having my chest broken by a drunk driver, not strong
Friends whose son started on his college applications this week were bemoaning the process to us, knowing we have lived through it ourselves. It's been a while since our sons applied and I was curious to know if the essay topics had improved in the interim. In a word: no.
Over a holiday weekend, it's always our hope to have the company of our preschool grandchildren. And after they leave, it's our hope to someday get all of our electronics working again.
Recently, I met my son's mother for the first time. You have no idea how long I've waited to use that line. (OK, 33 years.) My older son, Rory, was finally able to find his birth mother, Erika, and introduced her to the rest of the family soon after.