I've realized that writing an article on the internet is equivalent to throwing yourself to the vultures. They are ready to peck at just about anything with some meat to it. Sometimes, they really tear you apart.
SwiftMile is using solar power to help solve the problem so many commuters face -- getting to and from their transit stations without using their cars.
I'm often struck by the opening sentence of a novel or short story. It can draw me in and set expectations for what's to come. This isn't always true, of course, but a story's first line is the author's opening salvo.
Video tutorial for HuffPost Conversation Carousels.
The current decline in civil discourse comes from many quarters. People decry the lack of common courtesy in debates large and small. I maintain that anonymity on the Web is one factor in this decline, and if everyone with an opinion to share had to back up that opinion with a signature, there might be more restraint.
A new Facebook commenting add-on puts even more power in the hands of Facebook which not only has 600 million people visiting its own site, but now has its tentacles into perhaps millions of other websites.
Commenters earn a Pundit badge by consistently contributing insightful, informative, and engaging commentary. They are being recognized for driving discussions and adding value to our news coverage -- regardless of their political leanings.
Two of HuffPost's most prolific and committed community members recently passed away. The HuffPost Comment Moderation team would like to dedicate this post to their memory.
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Technology shouldn't be the only arbiter of its own use. (We do because we can). Journalists still get paid to exercise some judgment. But we close out citizens at our own risk. And that risk has proven to be huge.