Dynamic Signal estimates that with better communication in the workplace, companies can be 30% more efficient and with 20
Getting Smarter: Can non-geniuses develop mathematical intuition? Personal Productivity: What makes people lazy? Productivity
With disrupters Amazon, Airbnb and Uber changing the way we shop, vacation and get around, competing in the digital age can
Rachel French in Jim Jarmusch's "Coffee and Cigarettes" Launched under the title Café In, the exhibition marches not only
Rotterdam's district heating will be part of a larger project called The Heat Roundabout that will also include the city
So it begs the question, why are companies still entrusting their eCommerce platform to an on-premise solution? In what I
The train carriage is that rare breed, an uninterrupted ‘pause point’ environment. Very few media channels allow a brand
A new civil rights consciousness has gripped a great deal of the country. Maybe we can address some of the challenges that still occur on the basis of race by turning the tide against consumer racial profiling and letting it be a thing of the past.
Foreign policy should reflect international realities, which change over time. The Republic of Korea was vulnerable to renewed North Korean aggression at the conclusion of the Korean War in 1953. Today, Seoul could do whatever was necessary to deter and defeat the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. There's no need for America to defend that which could be defended otherwise.
Three other resources include the following: Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC), Small Business Development
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Envision a peaceful Middle East, where instead of fear and disorder, there is thriving commerce, resulting in prosperity and jobs. Picture Jerusalem -- a city that holds immense spiritual significance for Christians, Jews, and Muslims -- flourishing.
Cutting a Slice of the Online Retail Pie Most commerce small businesses use multiple sales channels, taking advantage of
Today's economies and societies are fueled by rapid technological disruption and change. Continuous innovation, the rapid digitization of services, and the unprecedented number of connected devices are at the epicenter of this upheaval.
Clinton's defection will inevitably put the TPP front and center in next year's elections. Already some are suggesting a vote on the TPP will be delayed until after the election.
I was recently asked by an editor to explain why I've lived in the same place -- in New York's Hudson Valley -- for nearly 40 years. I could only think to answer the question in the guise I'm most familiar with: as the grandfather of four boys.
"For an established brand, discounting can have an adverse affect on value," explains branding agency Killian Branding. "Quality