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Incomes rose 0.3% last month as consumers reportedly worry about inflation.
Economists are forecasting what could be the strongest year for the economy in growth led by strong consumer spending.
The administration will conduct its own review of potential security risks posed by apps tied to China.
The growth pace was in line with economists' expectations and followed a 2 percent rate in the third quarter.
American workers aren't whining. They can compete with anyone in the world on an even playing field. But when foreign countries provide illegal subsidies, manipulate their currency, and hand no-cost land, no-interest loans and tax breaks to producers, then it's bad trade.
Lifting the ban on interstate tolling for purposes of reconstruction will not directly replenish the Highway Trust Fund, but it will give states the flexibility to use a reliable financing option to help meet their infrastructure funding challenges. Give states the flexibility to fund their transportation infrastructure projects the best way they see fit.
The death of the American steel industry is fine with the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and the Cato Institute. They say Americans should thank foreign states that violate international trade laws by subsidizing their steel industries.