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Ricketts is CEO of the conservative super PAC Ending Spending, which spent $15.3 million in independent expenditures this
President Obama said it best that day: "No country has done more to build a culture of making and tinkering, and entrepreneurship
The growth pace was in line with economists' expectations and followed a 2 percent rate in the third quarter.
American workers aren't whining. They can compete with anyone in the world on an even playing field. But when foreign countries provide illegal subsidies, manipulate their currency, and hand no-cost land, no-interest loans and tax breaks to producers, then it's bad trade.
Lifting the ban on interstate tolling for purposes of reconstruction will not directly replenish the Highway Trust Fund, but it will give states the flexibility to use a reliable financing option to help meet their infrastructure funding challenges. Give states the flexibility to fund their transportation infrastructure projects the best way they see fit.
The death of the American steel industry is fine with the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and the Cato Institute. They say Americans should thank foreign states that violate international trade laws by subsidizing their steel industries.
Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives called the allegations "shocking" and sought documents and communications
After aggressively restocking in the second half of 2013, businesses accumulated $87.4 billion worth of inventory in the
With technology accelerating the pace of change in our economy, our long-term competitiveness is tied to our ability to produce a workforce with in-demand skills.
The more of the law that's implemented, the better the economy seems to perform. How can that be?
More times than not, it falls to America's mayors and governors to persuade companies to expand business investment and increase living standards in the United States. And for too long, the federal government has been an imperfect partner in this effort.
WASHINGTON, Aug 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. economy accelerated more quickly than expected in the second quarter thanks to a
"The destruction of IT components was clearly unnecessary because only common malware was present" on the agency's systems
Our President has said many of the right things about improving the lives of working Americans, but Commerce Secretary nominee stands in stark contrast to his positions.
It's the perfect carrot to begin to establish a more productive trade relationship with China while also boosting the homegrown U.S. solar industry that never supported such tariffs in the first place.
Yes, Africa is a continent with major challenges, but it is also a continent with major opportunities. Africa is not waiting for Americans to come around to seeing those opportunities.
The president has weathered a good deal of criticism for a lack of women in high-level appointments. The administration has defended its mostly white-guy picks, and told the girls to wait -- more female appointments are coming. Here are a few entries to get them started.
Some supporters of the pact said the Florida Tomato Exchange's case was timed to maximize political pressure on Democratic
By Angela Moon PF Chang's China Bistro Inc surged nearly 30 percent to $51.48 after the restaurant chain agreed to be bought