Commerce Secretary

He promised to clean up the capitol. But has Donald Trump really drained the swamp, or unleashed a new horde of swamp monsters on D.C.?
He promised to clean up the capitol. But has Donald Trump really drained the swamp, or unleashed a new horde of swamp monsters on D.C.?
The next Commerce Secretary will have the challenge and opportunity to view the two in a more synergistic manner. After all, the nation's weather and climate agency was placed in Commerce for a reason, right?
Although it remains little more than chatter at this point, the prospect of a Pritzker Department of Commerce has already
Gohmert also questioned Bryson's medical diagnosis. Bryson hit two cars Saturday, earning a hit-and-run citation. The Commerce
New Commerce Secretary John Bryson will bring both private sector and environmental expertise to the administration. He faces the task of expanding U.S. exports and increasing competitiveness.
Obama supports passing all of the trade deals leftover from the Bush administration—that is, for Colombia, Panama and South
Why would the guy who created all of our online privacy problems be a good choice to head the federal agency responsible for developing and executing the Obama administration's online privacy policies?
March 10 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama may look to the business community for his next secretary of Commerce with
Former Washington governor Gary Locke has worked hard to minister to the needs of the hometown corporation. Since being appointed as commerce secretary, he has an even higher perch from which he can do so.
April 3rd is the anniversary of the death of Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown. If he stood among us, I believe he would espouse the power of responsible business.
We heard Obama say the bailouts were "not about banks," but rather "about helping people... " They look like they might be
A political strategist described the Commerce Secretary as, in essence, a deal maker. Burris apparently tried to make a deal to get that senate seat. Perhaps he could try to make a few more deals on the public's behalf.
Two Secretary of Commerce nominees have slunk away like hyenas chastised from a zebra carcass by a pride of dusty lionesses.
The Commerce Department, where I once worked as Deputy Under Secretary, is a hodge podge of agencies with no central purpose.
Senator Judd Gregg withdrew his name from nomination as Commerce Secretary. I do not buy his reasons for withdrawing for
Assuming Judd Gregg has some reasonable level of professionalism and no lurking personal issues, then all that's left is that the Republicans got to him.
For years, Democrats have led Republicans in the polls on most of the issues tracked by pollsters except two: national defense and commerce. This administration has an historic chance of changing that.
Do not believe for a moment that Judd Gregg withdrew his nomination because of the stimulus bill. He withdrew because control of the Census Bureau was withdrawn.
Judd Gregg fought hard to deny the Commerce Secretary the ability to use the latest techniques to ensure the most accurate Census count. We are glad to see Senator Gregg go.