commercial fishing

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is eyeing whether to open marine national monuments to commercial fishing.
One critic says the move would "fly in the face" of the intent of these protected sites -- to preserve ocean ecosystems.
Thomas Breeding says he wants to warn other fishermen about the perils of the sea.
6. Take the 10-minute ride on the South Ferry to Sag Harbor - $14 for car and driver each way. 8. Drive or bike six miles
Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a worldwide scourge, and last year's AP investigative report shone
Commercial fishermen face vast uncertainty about changing ocean ecosystems, complex management systems, and the staggering costs to enter America's fisheries. These factors have contributed to a new challenge: declining numbers of young fishermen entering the fishing industry.
Although not moving fast enough, the trend to sustainable seafood is now established and growing. More Americans realize that wild fish is the healthiest protein, and want to know that their grandchildren will enjoy it.
The fishermen spent more than 10 hours in skiffs after abandoning ship.
Striped Bass have come back from dangerously low populations before, and can do it again. We need to make sure to provide them all the help we can. They deserve it.
In the vastness of our virtually unexplored oceans, scientists are beginning to make remarkable discoveries. Earlier this
We hope that citizens will use this tool to hold their elected officials accountable for managing fisheries sustainably and for enforcing fishing rules. And fishermen, whose livelihoods depend on healthy fisheries, can show that they are doing their part to sustainably manage our ocean's resources.
In February, the EPA announced that it was beginning the process of evaluating protections for the region under 404(c), and
We all know something is broken when 91 percent of all seafood consumed in the U.S. comes from outside the U.S, and over two-thirds of all seafood we eat is shrimp, salmon, tilapia, (almost all farm-raised under dubious conditions) or canned tuna. Our vast oceans offer a cornucopia of species, and we only taste four of them.