commercial parody

Mom knows best, because ... well, Mom has seen some s**t.
What do you eat when you're a complete and total failure? Why, No Choice Frozen Dinners, of course. Finally, a meal as absent
We've all seen these ads. You know, the ones that feature beautiful women, studly men, little-to-no clothing and absolutely
This week Apple launched a new ad trying to emphasize its quaint Silicon Valley roots. But Funny or Die's version of the
This is pretty much how we imagine every beauty product commercial shoot goes when you're on set. Loofahing your shoulder
Apple is currently in the process of suing Samsung for allegedly copying their iPhone and iPad designs, and somehow, Conan
It's foolproof, guys. Making new friends as an adult can be weird — you're not in school anymore, so that built-in icebreaker
College Humor understands that not everyone is interested in have in-depth conversations with a sommelier about "oakiness
So the next time you're too mad to type out a text, or want to say, "I hate you," without actually having to utter the words
The extreme summer heat got you down? Well, good news. Now you can cool off forever with the coldest beer ever made: Summer