Commodity Futures Trading Commission

The deconstruction of the administrative state is underway. But expect Senate Republicans to push back.
World currency factors have a huge impact on commodity prices, since a relatively strong dollar makes commodities more expensive for overseas purchasers. The recent currency adjustment by China has had a huge effect on prices because of the size of their market and the abruptness of the devaluation change.
From the libertarian praise heaped upon these regulators, and from their own statements, it appears that they are big fans of deregulation. These men are charged with creating and enforcing the financial rules of the road, but they are anti-rule.
Supporters say the measure would help harmonize international standards. But bank watchdogs see it as fueling a race to the
But the bank decided to sell its multi-billion dollar physical commodities division last year under rising political pressure
An aggressive and underfunded CFTC can keep levying fines and holding banks accountable; Gensler has proven that. But it