The rapper joked that he had high standards and wanted a woman with an EGOT, an Oscar and her own talk show.
The rapper previously said his split with the "Girls Trip" star was a joint decision.
People Are Sharing Common Misconceptions About Their Mental Illness
Not only is it a charity single for March For Our Lives, it’s the mashup you never knew you needed.
The rapper shared his thoughts on their breakup but maintained that the comedian is "one of the best people" he has met.
The comedian confirmed she was dating the rapper in July 2020, after meeting on a movie set the previous year.
"She is a really incredible human being," the rapper said about the "Girls Trip" actor.
The actor told Steve-O that she and Common became friends when they met on the set of the 2019 film "The Kitchen" and are now "f**king."
The Oscar award-winning rapper said it took him a "long time" to feel absolutely certain he was ready for marriage.
The rapper and actor gets real about therapy, healing, self-love and more.