common core curriculum

"It builds a coherence of conversation," he said. "For us who live in the West, it has special relevance because it allows
Common Core Standards is the equivalent of a steamed burrito in a plastic pocket--enough nutrition but not enough nutriment. Those who are truly feeding their minds, and those of their children, are not seeking their intellectual calories from what, essentially, are empty warming trays of mystery meat.
They allow states to pool resources to collaborate on developing assessments more complex than multiple choice tests to provide
In some Louisiana parishes, school will begin as early as three weeks from now, and teachers still don't know what material
Jindal previously described himself as a "strong supporter" of the Common Core. He was part of a group of governors who helped
Ultimately, Common Core may provide the right course correction for U.S. education, but the devil is in the transition. Rather than focus first on modifying classroom instruction, we have allowed the testing industry to lead the charge of implementing the new ideas.
I know that teaching is not the only profession where workers must "get by" on the resources they receive, but the consequences have the widest ripple effect.
When I heard that a blogger wrote the new book The Perfect Score Project, I thought that maybe -- just maybe -- Debbie Stier can save one child from the miserable test taking experiences I endured during my childhood education.
The Hispanic conference and promoters of Common Core argue that the curriculum is effective in preparing underprivileged
Dr. Louisa Moats, the nationally-renowned teacher, psychologist, researcher and author, was one of the contributing writers of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS initiative is an attempt to deal with inconsistent academic expectations.