Common Core State Standards Initiative

I’ve said often that the Common Core failed in its creators’ central goal ― to establish a set of national standards followed
There is a force out there that’s working to destroy our profession.
Imagine you’re settling in to enjoy an article on-line or in your favorite print newspaper and you come across this headline
Carelessly graded exams are worthless, and only serve to punish children, teachers, and schools. So who grades the tests?
According to Politico’s March 23, 2017, Morning Education, controversial New Mexico education commissioner Hannah Skandera
Hundreds of thousands of New York parents have already notified school officials that they will refuse these flawed and harmful tests.
Trump promised to repeal Common Core. These parents don’t plan to let him forget it.
A recent editorial suggested that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been characterized by hubris. It has hedged big bets, hoping its efforts would succeed. It's also suffered failure and for that it's been criticized as having exercised too much influence over education policy.
They allow states to pool resources to collaborate on developing assessments more complex than multiple choice tests to provide
This week, the New York State Education Department released 50 percent of the questions used in the standardized tests this
Comedian Louis CK is taking a stand against Common Core testing. The 46-year-old appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday to promote the upcoming season of his hit FX series Louis, and he took the opportunity to say a few things about New York’s controversial standardized test.