communal living

You've probably never heard of the Hutterites. But their way of life could change yours.
One aspect of the Climate Dialogue deals with exchanges and the learning process between municipalities. Information on numerous and diverse examples of good practice is provided by a range of brochures, data bases and competitions.
As there is no end in sight for the migration of young professionals to New York, it would seem as if communal living spaces--and companies--have just begun. While their progression may lead in different directions, the demand will certainly be calling.
Lately, I've been giving a lot of thought to my commune -- the one I plan on forming when I'm older and widowed and my kids are launched into lives of their own. Think I'm alone in the commune-planning department? You'd be mistaken.
Brace yourself, you may feel claustrophobic.
Let's face it: Baby boomers are a large group, and when we collectively sneeze, many arms offering Kleenex are extended.
From before our first breath, from the moment of conception, we share. It is the fundamental verb of human existence.