Increasingly, boomers are cohabiting with friends in retirement.
Sharing, in its purest form, is communistic. It occurs when no one claims exclusive ownership. It happens when people share what they believe belongs to everyone, or to their particular community.
Lately, I've been giving a lot of thought to my commune -- the one I plan on forming when I'm older and widowed and my kids are launched into lives of their own. Think I'm alone in the commune-planning department? You'd be mistaken.
Acorn, an egalitarian community with an heirloom and organic seed business, under snow. “I wanted to move beyond the oppositional
"There is a new movement that doesn't know it's a movement," said Todd Johnson, according to Marjorie Kelly in her book, Owning
For some people, the idea of living in communes is a bit, well, taboo. But back in 2009, Etsy gave us a peek inside "La Selva
Let's face it: Baby boomers are a large group, and when we collectively sneeze, many arms offering Kleenex are extended.
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When she first found the place that would one day become her retirement home, Kathy Connors was 16 years old and seven months