Cady Mansell just wanted to be wholly herself as she participated in the sacrament.
A directive from the Roman Catholic Church clarifies its rules on the Eucharist host.
The God I worship is the very Source of Love, and "unlovable" is not something that ever comes about. The God I worship doesn't
There was a lot of guilt, shame, and self-hatred hanging in the air.
Perhaps no other passage of Scripture has contributed more to pious anxiety than what Paul wrote about the Eucharist in his first letter to the Corinthians, "For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment upon himself..." (1 Cor. 11.29).
For Jesus, a dedicated practicing Jew, Passover was a seminal event. Although the Gospels do not give us a fully developed biography of Jesus, they do make it clear that Passover looms large in his life.
The first of Jesus's temptations in the wilderness is often seen as Jesus overcoming sins of the flesh. Jesus has mastery over his body, and we should all be strong like that and not give in to our fleshly desires, right?
Did I make it? Yes I did. Not even my husband Glenn realized what was going on, until we'd sat down in our car and I hiked my skirt up a couple of inches to show him what I'd been dealing with.
Archbishop John Myers released new guidelines for priests.