Communist Party

Thousands protest as police use force to disperse crowds outside the government's headquarters.
The country's defense minister said on Sunday that the government's bloody crackdown on protesters in 1989 had been the "correct" decision.
LGBTQ advocates had proposed changing the description of marriage to the union of two people with "absolutely equal rights and obligations.”
China’s ruling Communist Party has proposed scrapping a two-term limit on the presidency.
There is no clear successor among the party's top officials.
This puts him in the same company as the founder of modern China, Mao Zedong.
Breaking with Fidel’s decades-old practice, Raúl recommended to the delegates of the sixth Party Congress in April 2011 that
I recently wrote a critique of the Marxists (and key Democratic Party strategists) who dismiss national liberation and gender
Zhiqiong June Wang, Western Sydney University Corruption is thought to cost China US$86 billion each year. Widespread corruption
Two things changed after I was charged and returned to the Durban Central prison. I now had access to lawyers and could see
There are no reliable polls in China to assess the preference for the outcome of U.S. presidential election. The Chinese are conflicted but, in the end, probably prefer a Hillary Clinton victory.
China is a great nation with extraordinary potential. But it faces equally significant challenges. It will fare better in the future with a more transparent political system. Ultimately the PRC's leaders will find it ever harder to hide the most important decisions from public view.
It's always exciting to visit the PRC. But it is most interesting to learn about China, which is vastly larger, more complex, and humane than the nominal communist state which still rules. It's impossible to predict what China will ultimately become. Most important is that it becomes free, consigning today's authoritarian regime to history's dustbin. Then the people of China will be able to decide their own future.
I was skeptical about the media and entertainment sector's ability to achieve healthy - profitable - growth. I have changed my tune.
Why the rising tide of support for socialism in recent years? One key factor was certainly a popular backlash against the growing economic instability and inequality in America fostered by brazen corporate greed, exploitation, and control of public policy.
"Self-care and healing and attention to the body and the spiritual dimension--all of this is now a part of radical social
After worldwide attention to the crisis coalesced around this harrowing, moving photo, somehow an adult making a glorified selfie is supposed to... what? What is it supposed to do?
Let's look at how Hollywood and capitalism use a film about communism to foster anti-communism at a time when people are once again seeing through and challenging the system itself.
The government's refusal to loosen the reins of control and welcome both bottom-up entrepreneurialism and foreign investment in "sensitive" areas prevents service industries from flourishing.