I remember walking into that place, which always sent you through a kitchen full of good things to eat and then into a study
"Bernie gotta meet Allah. He gotta have a come to Allah meeting." Let's imagine similar scenarios as those I outlined, while
Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz has announced his candidacy for President of the United States. While critics, including some in his own party, dismiss him, Cruz is a smart, shrewd and brash politician. He is also arrogant, self-confident and power-hungry.
Some of the people seated around the long table in the elegant dark wooded South Pasadena home have been fighting the idea of a five-mile long tunnel nearly 200 feet beneath their feet for decades.
Propaganda posters were among the most significant tools for influencing public opinion in the Soviet Union. The text that
Pope Francis said in an interview published on Sunday that communists are closet Christians.
Some European leftists claim the new government in Kiev is fascist, notes Levy, though in truth the regime has a more "neo
The difference between the '60s paranoia and today's is that now we have FoxNews, Drudge, talk-radio the internet, and billionaire funders so that this insanity can magnified and instantaneously transmitted to larger and larger audiences.
The irony of holding an event on communism and Marxism in Gangnam, the zone of gaudy consumerism made famous by Psy, was lost on no one. This irony was compounded by the fact that Gangnam is only 35 miles away from the DMZ.