community mental health

If the skillfully employed force of the beloved community helps veterans of war, their families and children, and their providers to heal, it can similarly help survivors of violent loss in our neighborhoods. And law enforcement personnel whose stress levels are off the chart.
We must see these realities clearly. There is still time to restore at least a measure of life-saving services that will
As part of our ongoing series Third Metric we explore how people who have been diagnosed with serious illness stay positive and approach life in a new way.
It's a recipe for never-ending tragedy. And I'm not just talking about tragedies like Newtown. What about all the times that people have killed others by gunfire in an act of road rage, family bickering, or a squabble with someone down the block?
Ironically, one of his victims was Rachel D'Avino, a 29-year-old behavioral therapist who worked with autistic children at
My recent trip to Japan allowed me to witness true leaders in action and to participate in a group that has carefully but insistently been disrupting the mental health care status quo in its country.
This May marks the 63rd anniversary of Mental Health Month, but the problem of mental illness requires greater attention as a major 21st-century public health challenge.