Community Organizing

Kerri Evelyn Harris, a community organizer and political newcomer, fell short in her upset bid.
Activist Erica Garner, whose father Eric Garner was killed by an NYPD officer, has been declared brain dead after suffering a heart attack.
The facility has seen 146 clients since April. One woman came in for seven weeks straight. On her eighth visit, she came
It seems fair now to ask, "How effective is clicktivism?"
This is our moment to be the moral compass that our nation needs.
My father and grandfather before him had an embroidery company in the garment district in New York City. It went by several
An eclectic selection of the best new shorts along with rare gems that reflect the trans experience through film are expected to be showcased in the city of West Hollywood.
What will it take to achieve the bold, 2030 global agenda--the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)--adopted one year ago?
In the months after the 9/11 attacks, most Americans felt that the threats we faced from terrorists were limitless. Anything seemed possible if al-Qaeda militants could enter our country, learn to fly airplanes, and then crash commercial flights into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
Trump's posture -- his constant pivots, his protean notion of "truth," his bait-and-switch changes in policy -- embody the
Hallie Atwater, a licensed clinical social worker, assists individual students to meet their immediate personal and family
Nextdoor had seven co-founders and we all brought our own inspiration to the founding of company. Generally speaking, we
Thanks Jesse Williams. It took a lot of bravery for you to get up at the BET Awards Ceremony and give a speech filled with
However, inspired by many of our teachers of color, some American Buddhists are starting to apply the teachings of the Buddha
In a quest to find more affordable, fresh and local food, many communities - particularly those in the urban, space-starved metropolitan areas - are moving towards the urban farming model of food production and distribution.
Beatrice's village, Malungi, is home to nearly 600 people, set on top of a hill in Uganda's Mount Elgon region. Located over
The 15th annual Gladys Ricart and Victims of Domestic Violence Memorial Walk kicked off at Monroe College in the Bronx on Saturday, September 26, 2015. The march is named after Gladys Ricart, who was murdered on her wedding day by her abusive ex-boyfriend on September 26, 1999.
Now is the time to think big about what we want for the young people in our nation's 100,000 public schools. The Every Student