community policing

The Citizen Virtual Patrol, a 24/7 public surveillance system, lets anyone watch the city's streets from anywhere at any time, through as many as 127 cameras.
The emergence of widespread Islamist terrorism in key European countries over the last few years has revealed some significant
Remember, love is something that can be easily transferred to others, with very little effort. Love is after all, a choice.
Is this a short-lived epidemic or is this just the beginning of a new normal for America?
Frivolous calls and interactions were not the only problem with being an officer.
This video is a perfect example of what's wrong in America today that they are protesting. So I thank you for sending it as a reminder of that fact.
The necessary foundation of any effective relationship is seeing the humanity in the other.
the pressures of your environment can have even the slightest impact on you.
"Implicit" bias refers to associations that are not fully conscious. We could not survive if all our decisions were completely subject to the conscious mind. Because the mind processes so much information, the brain has evolved to look for short cuts.
There has been so much controversy over your refusal to stand during the national anthem that I feel it is time to talk about it. Maybe I can offer you a voice to be heard on the issues and problems you feel are the root cause of your protest.
White folk have a far more favorable view of cops than black folk. Period. The tragedy of the Dallas and Baton Rouge shootings
I reached out to my fellow police officers across the United States and asked them to tell me in their own words, what they wanted to say to Americans right now. This is what they said.
Shoppers at a Walmart outside Rochester, New York were greeted with an usual offer on July 16, 2016: the invitation to hug a cop.
The events are a small, positive step in many cities where trust is broken.
I have been a cop almost 25 years. I came home from a great day at work on Thursday evening, turned on the news and saw what was happening. It was like someone punched me in the stomach.
I wanted to speak out today because of what Dr. King called the "fierce urgency of now". I want to briefly talk to you as a daughter of a black man. As a mother of a black 2 year old daughter. As a woman of color. And as an American who loves this country deeply.
The use of lethal force by police officers in Minnesota and Baton Rouge has once again sparked protests over the violent dynamic between citizens and the police.