Community Solutions

Community Solutions works in neighborhoods around the country to provide practical, data-driven solutions to the complicated
I was moved to see Cynthia Dias, a formerly homeless veteran from Las Vegas, sitting in First Lady Michelle Obama visitors' box during tonight's State of the Union Address.
It is far too easy to envision a homeless veteran sleeping in his car this Christmas Eve. He's shivering, trying to shake off the cold that can't be shaken off because it has burrowed into the very marrow of his bones.
“We serve people who depend on access to AIDS meds every day, and as an organization I don’t think we can keep this money."
Progress has also been tracked on a broader, national level. The newly released State of Homelessness in America 2014 shows
Although the latest jobs report shows progress, only 45 percent of youth between the ages of 16-24 were employed at the end of August according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Clearly, we need to change that.
Through our work in challenged neighborhoods, we are seeing something quite extraordinary take shape. Communities that believed they had few resources to work with discover a hidden abundance when ending homelessness becomes a community project.