Once again, tragedy grips my brave yet battered stretch of New Jersey corridor. This has not been an easy two weeks for New
Since commuting time is a reality for most of us, it's worth making some preparations to transform frustrating down-time into a period that is not just more peaceful, but actually restorative and worthwhile.
It's so easy to take the same route to work day after day and fall into a routine. Of course there's nothing wrong with routine, as long as it's serving you well. Routine can help give us structure and stability.
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Subways at rush-hour are unhappy places. Weary commuters slouch in tired clumps, pressed together like gummy bears in a bag, their blank expressions saying: I am in a dank, cramped, subterranean space; I am surly; I want to go home; do NOT attempt verbal communication.
Obviously my enthusiasm for the end of summer comes with different reasons, but I'm eager for your kids to return to school, nonetheless. Even now that I'm no longer a server/bartender/retail associate with my afternoons free, I've found a few stellar reasons to rejoice when the kids are back in the classroom.
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Sometimes you just need some good old music to help start your Monday off right.  
Commutes are a common part of daily life, but this time can easily be transformed into a calming spiritual oasis. With a simple shift in perspective, it is possible to arrive at your destination feeling recharged and refreshed.
Onewheel, which was developed using several prototypes and funded on Kickstarter, relies on a complicated system of sensors
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There is already talk of taking PATH away from the Port Authority and putting it under NJ Transit administration. Why not
State-owned public transport operator since 1948, the RATP that governs over the Métro, commuter trains and bus system has decided that enough was enough, and produced a manual entirely devoted to teach the French some manners.
—By CNBC's Arjun Kharpal: Follow him on Twitter @ArjunKharpal "A lot of European cities were developed long before the automobile
By Laura Vanderkam Laura Vanderkam is the author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, recently published
With new emerging transport technology, you can now easily plan, track, record, and share your daily commute with others. However, can smart technology become too smart when it comes to travel?
Last week, Peter Park, a Denver-based city planner who oversaw the tear-down of Milwaukee's freeway, advised New Orleanians
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A video uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 19 shows water gushing from a bus in Istanbul, Turkey, while bystanders gape at the site
Spacious, solar-lit shelters on the new Loyola Ave. streetcar line, opening on Jan. 28, will accommodate Super Bowl fans in New Orleans. But elsewhere, commuters huddle under less protection.
A little after eight o'clock in the morning, crowds of young professionals and older men in knit hats bundle down the docks