Relationship experts say these differences don't matter as much as you might think.
Because compatibility is the key to a successful relationship.
Yes, every relationship needs a little romance. But remember: "Romantic gestures can steal the focus away from the qualities
Don't let these issues ruin your trip -- or your friendship.
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Actually, a lot of study results seem to be irritatingly locked in gender stereotypes. For example, a 2015 study in the journal
It's not that you won't ever get around to mending them; it's just when you see the inside-out nature of our experience, it makes no sense to take yourself out of connection with your partner in order to fix an issue that only seems important when the connection is absent.
We need to relearn what helping really means, and what we actually need and want from each other, and for ourselves -- the presence and love that we truly crave. Simultaneously, we need to be able to recognize and voice our real longing -- to be known deeply, really listened to, and not fixed. This experience, at its core, is love.