The district attorney sought to exclude Black jurors from Curtis Flowers' six trials for killings he always maintained he didn't commit.
The company says everyone wins under the new system. Not every worker sees it that way.
Financial rewards can be powerful motivators of behavior but should be used with caution and only in situations where management
***** Crossposted from In summary, it is time to move away from classic merit increase programs, which are still
When I quit my eight-figure job to bake tarts, I was scared. My job, which compensated me an amount between $10,000,000 and $99,999,999 which I am too modest to share, had been my everything.
Unfortunately, that is reality for many wrongfully convicted individuals. Twenty states still do not have any form of compensation
The recently finalized FLSA regulationshighlight the potential impact on salaries and wages for many organizations. With