Competitive Eating

The death happened Tuesday night after the contest which was promoted by the Fresno Grizzlies minor league baseball team.
The 12-time Nathan's Hot Dog champ consumed the Hooters wings like cluckwork.
Here's why your body mists sweat from every crevice when you eat copious amounts of protein.
Americans love the stomach-churning excitement of competitive eating contests.
The competitive eater guzzled to the finish in impressive fashion but was hurting in the end.
"I was stuck in the tornado of sugar," the competitive eater said after consuming more than 12,000 calories in minutes.
The defending men’s championship winner wolfed down 72 dogs -- 12 more than the second-place finisher.
How many wings can one person eat in 5 minutes? We decided to find out.
Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is heralded as one of the nation's leading publicity events: The annual Coney Island happening
The world record holder ate 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes, beating defending champ Matt Stonie by 17 dogs.
As part of a complete breakfast -- for a small army.