Farhan Sheikh, 19, wrote on his iFunny page that he intends to “murder any doctor, patient, or visitor," according to a federal complaint.
Prosecutors in Morris County charged Michael Barisone, a member of the 2008 Olympic team, with two counts of attempted murder and weapons offenses.
Adam Owen Grady cited the Bible in his complaint against Missoula County jail, claiming God gave people “every herb bearing seed.”
Police say the pair had stockpiled bomb-making materials in the apartment they shared in the city’s Bronx borough
A former SnapChat employee claims that the CEO said “app is only for rich people.” That didn’t make users happy, to say the least.
What if the wife would say instead, "I'd love it if you would plan some of our dates?" The husband would hear the word, "love" and probably want to please her by honoring her request in a heartfelt way.
For years, the Transportation Department relied on big fines to deter violations of federal law by airlines. Under the current leadership, however, the emphasis seems to be shifting to advocacy for individuals.
What's your breaking point? When do you say, "That's it -- I'm never flying again!" It's no academic question for America's airlines, which continue to provoke passengers with new fees, surcharges and rules. They want to know when their customers would rather stay home.
Topshop has responded to one woman's concerns by promising to cease orders of a certain mannequin for store displays. Laura
Nearly three years later, just yesterday, the Wisconsin State Senate finally caught wind of the investigation through the media, and decided to inquire further.