These are the opening lines of what is effectively the first written "history" of the movement for integrative health and
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The question: Is it smart for the integrative health and medicine movement to abandon the radicalism of calling for an "alternative medicine"?
A holistic approach to health goes beyond the problem at hand to fix it, with the intention of prevention in the future. It may mean you have an entire team of doctors and specialists working to keep you healthy, but it translates to better overall quality of care.
III. Everyday Emotions and Focus Action: Say the prayer Ho'oponopono for yourself for 2 minutes and for someone that you
Significant strides have been made to better understand the role of magnesium and its therapeutic effect on a number of medical conditions, making more effective treatments a likely potential.
The medical industry's uptake of complementary and integrative health and medicine is wildly uneven. This is true even in pain treatment, an area that drew most people to integrative practices and practitioners.
To liberate the potential for an actual health care enterprise, speak of the X "medical delivery organization" in place of
Recent oncological research is now suggesting a correlation between melatonin and cancer: Studies have suggested it could have a potential ability to lessen the negative effects of cancer chemotherapy, enhance its therapeutic effect and reduce its toxicity.
6. Chiropractor Michele Maiers: Instrumental in APHA's New Integrative Pain APHA Resolution and a Campaign in Minnesota 3
Diverse and constantly evolving, the gut is responsible for much more than just digestion. In recent years, growing evidence has shown that the gut plays a central role in your overall wellbeing, including supporting a healthy immune system and even affecting your risk for disease and obesity.
The placebo effect is a part of the potent effect of both Western and complementary therapies, reflecting the influence of our consciousness, our mental beliefs, on our physical bodies.
My passion for science is rather an open book, as are my musings on what "holistic" medicine is, and should be. Speaking
While the phrases food allergy and food sensitivity have been used interchangeably in the past, they're actually quite different.
The application of yogic techniques to affect specific changes in vital functioning of the body's organs and systems allows
The immune system is your body's first line of defense against illness. It sends out cells to destroy invaders like bacteria and viruses. But for some people, this system turns on them, attacking healthy tissues and organs.
More and more scientific studies speak to the irrefutable benefits of sleep. A study published in Science even calculated
It all largely depends on your own personal risks for breast cancer and comfort level. Alcohol's effect on breast cancer risk does exist, although more studies are needed to fully define just how much.
The Spice as a Cancer Fighter 6. Suejung G. Kim, "Curcumin Treatment Suppresses IKKβ Kinase Activity of Salivary Cells of
The hope is that, in the future, cancer patients may be able to take a resveratrol-derived drug to help their bodies become more sensitive to chemotherapy -- and help those drugs destroy those cancer cells once and for all.