In our daily lives, we step in and out of many different settings, each with its own worldview and system of knowledge. You
The People's Climate March is an example of what is possible when we are not deterred by complexity. My map of the march
Third, since late 2014, with the economy slowing and monetary policy easing, and despite a continued trade surplus, capital
Facts change all the time. Smoking has gone from doctor recommended to deadly. We used to think the Earth was the center
Paying attention to this U.S. presidential campaign and commentators' efforts to make sense of it can be a painful undertaking. Aside from the hateful rhetoric and incitement to violence that Donald Trump has unleashed on society, our tired conceptual short-hands that we try to impose on people and ideas are outdated.
What the political landscape in 2016 reminds is what the world needs now is more collaboration, cooperation, and sustainability. America needs leaders whose brains are best able to manage the complexity and seemingly endless chaos of our times.
A simple question what is sustainability for a wealth manager deserves a simple answer.
The Turing test goes something along the lines of not being able to distinguish machine behavior from that of a human as a sign of artificial intelligence.
That said, simplifying isn't as easy as cutting back your workload. You need to first determine why your business and life