Advocates say composting is cheaper, more environmentally friendly and uses less energy than cremation or ground burial.
That includes large hotels, stadiums and food manufacturers.
Summer Rayne Oakes talks about the benefits of setting up a bokashi composting bucket at home to process food waste.
New York is joining other major cities around the country with its new initiative to help reduce food waste.
The Huffington Post and anti-food waste activist Jordan Figueiredo are calling on Walmart to start selling ugly produce in its stores.
We asked attendees at the Food Loves Tech event in New York City what they thought of ugly produce. This is what they had to say.
Model, media host and environmental entrepreneur Summer Rayne Oakes gives you 5 easy to use tips for redcuing food waste
"For every cup eaten, we are saving a plastic cup from entering the landfill.”
The science is comparatively straightforward: as every gardener knows, compost makes plants grow bigger. Their photosynthesis
In May, my goal was to find environmentally-friendly practices that were simple, yet effective. And by simple, I mean damn easy, because I want these practices to go well beyond May. I want them to be a new way of life for me.
Many people know Jack Johnson as a musician. But far fewer know of his commitment to sustainability and green touring practices