The Yetunde Price Resource Center is in honor of their late sister.
The hope is that Community Lawyers will help change the way legal services are provided to working people. In May 2002, in
The tiny infant was hidden under asphalt and loose dirt.
"It was a typical Friday night where people came out to see a film that they connected with and validated their love for their city."
This is a movie that should appeal to a limited audience, but it is presented with such skill and with such compassion and heart that it should draw in huge numbers of persons wanting to see a real work of art.
They told the truth and didn't give a damn about FBI threats.
This look is 'Straight Outta' a best-dressed list.
The sun rises over Compton Avenue and lights up the buildings that make up the Nickerson Gardens Housing Project. A new coat of gold paint doesn't fool anyone. I'm on my morning jog, 111th Street to Compton to Imperial to Central Avenue.