Comptroller of the Currency

The former employee did not return the thousands of files.
"We would like more information about how the potential settlement amount is to be determined in light of the potential wrongdoing
"Over the last two years, under new senior leadership, we have been taking concrete steps to put right what went wrong and
There is some sympathy among regulators for the banks' complaints. (Reporting by Dave Clarke; Editing by Tim Dobbyn) Bair
The rift continues to widen between state and federal officials over foreclosure reform. Reuters blogger Felix Salmon doesn't
The G20 meeting is taking place in Paris this weekend. The last meeting, in Korea in November, happened just after the Fed
"The OCC is the perfect example of an un-enforcer," he said. "They're worse than an un-enforcer. They go out of their way
Had Senate Banking Committee's Chairman Chris Dodd's proposal been effective before the crisis, where would we be today?
Goldman Sachs's profits declined 37 percent to $691 million, due to big losses on its foreign exchange trading, according
Part of the argument for preemption is that it sets standard rules for everyone to follow. Rather than allowing for a hodgepodge
A top Congressional leader said Thursday that the Fed will not have the power to override other federal regulators when it
Banks' behavior demonstrates that their refusal to act responsibly is endless and that they certainly have not learned their lesson. We need a consumer finance agency to protect credit card holders.
Republicans are proposing a 4% home mortgage Ponzi scheme that's the modern day version of "40 acres and a mule." It's every bit the false promise that dashed the hopes of ex-slaves after the Civil War.
Mr. President, help us create "a more perfect Union" from the "bottom-up." You can be the Lincoln of our times and free us from the greed and "top-down" bondage that has brought us here.
It is time for our representatives in Washington to pass a law that puts the responsibility on those who accept credit cards to make certain that the card holder is the person in whose name it is issued.