computer education

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President Obama called upon America to make computer science "a basic skill, right along with the three 'Rs.'" He pointed out that nine out of ten parents want it taught at their children's schools, "yet right now, only about a quarter of our K through 12 schools offer computer science."
Ladies and gentlemen, there's a new world record for “most people trained in computer programming in eight hours.”
It's estimated that in the next decade the number of computer science jobs in the U.S. will outnumber qualified people by 1 million. That's 1 million jobs for the taking that Americans will miss out on because of inadequate skill sets.
In my college classroom I often ask students about their technology habits and, to my surprise, I repeatedly find that this "tech generation" is not as active as we have come to believe.
"This," says Matthew Carpenter, "is my favorite exercise." I peer over his shoulder at his laptop screen to see the math