Computer Graphics

Microsoft declared its beloved graphics program "deprecated" and said updates will cease this year.
Model Iskra Lawrence is getting honest on Instagram.
For those of us who ended up not taking to design from the early days of Photoshop, graphic-design software comes as a blessing.
I've spent the last three and a half years working in CG for film at one of the world's largest post production houses. Did I mention I almost failed high school? Now more so than ever it's possible to be the superhero in your own movie. Here are the mindsets and strategies that worked for me.
Think of a Pixar character, possibly Nemo, Woody, or now Joy, and you can probably also think of emotions you felt during that character's tale. What goes into making such characters? An important step is creating storyboards.
Up to 75 percent of the Ikea products are computer-generated images, according to CGSociety, an Australian graphic-design
To start, take a look at your website's colors. Based on these colors alone, what conclusions can you draw about the site?