Computer Security

Various government agencies have been at work to ensure safe voting, but Trump himself rarely talks about the issue.
The move marks the first time the United States has publicly accused Moscow of hacking into American energy infrastructure.
Matthew Masterson, currently chairman of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, is being removed from his post by Paul Ryan.
A cyber attack disrupted Friday’s opening ceremony, but "all issues were resolved and recovered" by Saturday, Games organizers said.
A confidential U.S. Secret Service alert sent to banks said the hackers targeted stand-alone ATMs typically located in pharmacies, big box retailers and drive-thru ATMs.
In an age of hyperpartisanship, the only thing Republicans and Democrats agree on is handing the Trump administration more surveillance powers.
Equifax would have paid $1.5 billion in penalties for its data breach last summer if this proposed legislation had been in effect.
The investigation is being handed over to a government agency that can deport people.
The "WannaCry" attack impacted more than 230,000 computers worldwide.
The breach exposed the personal data of 57 million Uber users.
At least five states and three countries are investigating Uber's conduct.