Media buyers, prepare: The days of just one measurement provider may be numbered.
Alluding to remarks at the IAB event by Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Mark Pritchard, Fetters acknowledges that marketers
"What we're finding is pretty amazing in the way that different devices are being used and how they're being used," Fulgoni
You can find this post on Beet.TV. This interview was conducted by Matt Prohaska, CEO of Prohaska Consulting. "I think there's
And while the current system is still dependent upon targeting audiences by age and sex demographics, advanced targeting
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Fetters should know about breakfast food. He spent four years at Kellogg Company before joining comScore one year ago, preceded
"The currency for buying  been the gross impression, power by the ad server number," he says. "The moment you start to walk
SEVILLE -- When comScore launched in the 1990s, it began measuring consumers' internet browsing habits by installing a software