The further the con went, the deeper involved I became and the less willing I was to voice my concerns. Hossain had found the art of a good con.
Georgia Congressman John Lewis attends San Diego Comic Con, promote March, the graphic novel trilogy he co-wrote about the civil rights movement.
Scams cause psychological as well as financial harm to victims. Victims not only suffer a financial loss, but also a loss
Rogerson reported the crime to the sheriff’s office in May 2013. Investigators spent the last several months working to confirm
"He told them he was there from another Walmart to help with Black Friday," Lewis said. "They put him at a register. He worked
Together the collection gives you an idea of the range of mediums, techniques, styles, and sentiments that appear on the
My husband was a brilliant and talented man whose skills included creating and maintaining a separate existence.
The con that ensnared me was a mundane one, which made it all the more undetectable. It wasn't an ungrammatical email promising fantastic riches, but a perfectly ordinary financial transaction with two very nice people.
Financial losses in these cases can be substantial and usually cost the victim several thousand dollars. Those amounts do