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Today she’s sitting in a prison cell in Los Angeles County probably wondering how she became the victim of one of her own victims.
A viral New York magazine story about a woman charged with conning New York's elite is coming to Netflix.
Any returns released by Trump or his campaign should be given the same credence as everything else he has said or done.
He's a con artist who never delivers on promises, she plans to say at a speech in Ohio.
Someone is finally attacking the Republican presidential frontrunner.
6. Derailing You from the Dating Site “The dating sites have built themselves in a way that sort of keeps you contained and
If, and only if, education becomes common for all and not only restricted for the middle and upper strata of the society can this hideous ill of fake faith healers, who simply fool the people by playing with their psyche, be eradicated.
I am frightfully sorry to hear about the heart attack that felled your husband, the multi-millionaire landowner in Kwekwe Midlands province, Zimbabwe, and must apologize for this belated reply. But you see, you've written me at a most inopportune time.
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He was in an airport with McCready in '05 when he fled from the police. They were there to shut down the airport, but he
The con that ensnared me was a mundane one, which made it all the more undetectable. It wasn't an ungrammatical email promising fantastic riches, but a perfectly ordinary financial transaction with two very nice people.
America has always admired a good confidence artist, that sleek and clever shyster whose fancy words promise a golden future. He is a direct descendent of mythic anti-heroes like cowboys or noir detectives, who exploit the ragged edges of the modern world.
Don't believe truth is stranger than fiction? Just watch the new "Lifetime" original movie Who Is Clark Rockefeller? and you will.
The Trust Equation describes the components of trustworthiness. Measuring Bernie Madoff by the trust equation shows just what an effective job he did at mimicking genuine trust.