concealed carry

Republicans keep complaining about the new metal detectors outside the House chamber. Now we know why.
Facebook has made millions of dollars off a shady gun group that cons its customers — potentially into breaking the law.
The measure leaves it to houses of worship to determine their own rules on concealed weapons.
The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act shows where GOP priorities lie.
Yet, our Congress continues to offer us nothing more than perfunctory “thoughts and prayers” after each unimaginable event
A new study finds that weaker concealed carry laws are linked to significantly higher rates of gun homicide.
“I feel like I have very good aim,” said one House Republican.
A new federal legislation has been introduced that would allow those with a concealed carry permit from one state to carry in all 50 states. Donald Trump publicly supported the national reciprocity bill shortly after repealing a rule that blocked certain Social Security recipients with mental health conditions from purchasing guns. With Republicans controlling both Congress and the White House, there's a much greater chance of this becoming a law.
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