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With the fall school semester underway, it is remarkable that this is the first time in U.S. history that K-12 schools and colleges have approached potential acts of violence so dissimilarly.
The move aims to override Democratic Governor Jay Nixon’s vetoes of the bills.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla., May 21 (Reuters) - Florida gun owners who do not have concealed-weapons permits could pack their firearms
Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, Arkansas and Wyoming have similar laws and nine other states are considering them, according to
Since anyone with a concealed-carry permit is, by definition, one of the good guys, the gun industry and its supporters work overtime trying to get concealed-carry accepted as the law of the land.
By Peg McEntee Utah state law allows private citizens, including teachers, to carry concealed firearms on the job with a
Is it in the best interest of California to possibly be the source of a future "hammer blow" decision that will affect not just this state but all of the other states in the 9th District? That probably won't fly too well with the other governors or the citizens of those states.
“It should up to the people to decide for their own communities whether to allow [open carry],” attorney Cody Jacobs of the
Deb Kluttz, a Protestant evangelical minister from Manhattan, Kan., bought a gun about a year ago and has received user training
The result of lax concealed carry laws, combined with the failure to adopt other gun violence prevention policies like background checks and a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, is that horrific events like the mass shootings in Hialeah are repeated over and over again.
Dart's proposed ordinance would exclude Cook County once the state-wide ban on concealed carry is lifted but would take effect
South Carolina is one of only a few states to specifically prohibit guns in bars. Many states have no laws against packing
The Republican-controlled Arkansas state Senate voted 31 to 4 on Monday to allow colleges and universities to decide themselves
A Republican lawmaker in North Carolina is proposing an amendment to the state's constitution allowing residents to carry
The Arkansas governor's spokesman, Matt DeCample, said Beebe "wants to continue the discussion with lawmakers and church
Gun control advocates criticize the ruling, yet selectively fail to acknowledge or try to take political advantage of the ways it gives them the legal ammunition to accomplish much of what they want.
Political leaders and gun advocates around the country have said that more guns would mean safer schools. Some educators aren't convinced. Matt Sledge and David Thweatt join Marc to discuss.
Given what happened in Newtown on Friday it seems to me that we should all be concerned about what our neighbors might be concealing in their nightstands.
As some lawmakers call for real gun control reform in the wake of the Newtown tragedy, others are proposing a different strategy